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Can I move all posts on one blog to another?

  1. I wanted to switch my URL, so I made a new blog. Is there a way to send all the stuff on my first blog to the new one? If not, I'll just copy and paste everything onto it.


  2. Here's a thread about something about it:

    I forgot but I think it has something to do with the RSS feed. But wait till morning when drmike logs on and hopefully he can help.

  3. Export out a XML file and reimport it into your new blog.

    For your links, you need to visit:

    That will give you a file of your links that you can import on your new blog.

    Please make sure everything is setup correctly before you delete your old blog if you do.

  4. drmike, how do I export an XML file?

  5. NVM DOCTA, I got it to work. thanks.

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