Can I move my .com subscribers to my now .org site?

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    Our site has been hosted on .com for a few years and amassed many WordPress and email subscribers. We recently moved to a .org version of the site and have installed the Jetpack plugin.

    Sote visits are down considerably. How do I migrate our email and WordPress subscribers to continue to be notified of new posts? Thank you!!

    The blog I need help with is



    Just to be sure, you want to move the subscribers from to ?

    Let me know and I’ll move them for you.



    I absolutely do want to move everyone on to Yes.

    Thank you so much!



    The subscribers have been moved as requested.


    Thank you very much!

    Greatly appreciated.



    You’re welcome :)


    Can I have you do the same for my site? I want to move subscribers from to

    Thank you!



    @mostlikelytomarry you first need to install en set up Jetpack:


    I have installed it. Once I move over subscribers, what happens to my old site Will those subscribers just no longer exist to that site? Can you answer this question before moving anything? Thank you.


    Well the new site should supersede the old one. Isn’t that what you’re doing, moving one to the other?


    Yes I am. I just want to make sure my new site is complete before I bring people over. Almost done, just started thinking and wondering what happens to the old site. Was starting to question whether I should move them now, or just wait til my other site is hundred percent ready.


    Personally, I’d wait.

    We moved ours a week after we went live.


    Ok. Thank you for the advice. I will wait until I am completely ready!! Appreciate the input.


    It’s just what I would do. No problem with the help and support, we all use this fabulous platform for a number of reasons.

    The community and support is definitely a big part of it.

    Good luck with the site.



    The subscribers have been moved as requested :)


    Are you talking about my subscribers for I said in the earlier comment that I was going to wait.

    If you did it, that is fine. I don’t see any subscribers showing on my new site. It says 0.

    Thank you!



    I’m sorry, that message was for ‘g675’, it seems he still had a few subscribers to transfer.

    @mostlikelytomarry If you want us to transfer your subscribers, open a new thread at


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