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    I already check the “free themes” page, the one I am using is not there, if I go to selfhosted wordpress…can I keep my blog them?



    No. I think it’s important to know that is a WP-MU blogging platform. The themes here were all originally coded to run on free standing software installs. In order to run on software they were “adapted” and some features were eliminated as this is a WP_MU blogging platform we cannot access and edit the underlying php and html in the templates. The themes we use here are all derived from shared templates so they cannot be exported. However, you can locate the wordpress.ORG version of Sunburn by Jim Whimpey on the internet and upload it into your new wordpress.ORG install.


    Could you rephrase the question please. I’m not quite understanding what you want.

    If you self-host a blog, you can use any theme you want – as long as it works with the current version of wordpress. Some themes have not been updated in many years which means they may not work with the latest version of wordpress.

    Also, for questions regarding self-hosted blogs, you need to inquire over at http://wordpress.ORG/support/ . We know little of that software here at wordpress.COM.


    From the other thread you started, I now have a better idea of what you are asking.

    At wordpress.COM, we are limited to the themes listed under appearance > themes in our dashboards.

    If you have CSS editing experience, and buy the CSS upgrade, you can stylize the themes here, but you still cannot use themes from outside.

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