Can I move my WordPress Stats to my self-hosted blog?

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    I am moving my blog from WordPress.COM to self-hosted using WordPress.ORG – but since I mapped my WordPress.COM blog to a unique domain name from the beginning, the URL/permalinks will not change. (just changing the nameservers from to DreamHost)


    1) Is there anyway I can “transfer” my Stats with me across to my new self-hosted site? I would hate to lose the last 2yrs worth of stats.

    2) Can I use the existing API key I’ve got for my WordPress.COM blog for the Stats plugin on my new self-hosted blog? (would doing this “transfer” my old stats across?)

    Thank you

    The blog I need help with is


    I’d like to know this too. I may be switching also



    1) No. It’s a different blog, so you can’t roll the stats over from one to another. You CAN get a stat counter from an external source like Sitemeter or something that allows you to plug in a “starting number” for just this kind of occasion.

    2) Yes to the first part. No to the second.



    Thanks so much again for your help, raincoaster!



    Sorry – forgot to ask – when you said I can get an external Stat counter to plug in a starting number – would this still be for the WordPress Stats plugin – or would it be for the Sitemeter’s own plugin? I haven’t downoaded any plugins yet so thought I’d choose the right one from the beginning…I would like to continue with the WordPress Stats as I’m used to that but at the same time, would like to be able to adjust the starting number…

    Thanks again!



    Oh sorry – another related question! Do you know if I can use the same API key for my Akismet plugin? I went to the Akismet site and they mentioned that users will already have an API key – but I wasn’t sure if I could use the same key when I moved over to

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