Can I name posts after publishing?

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    Hello everbody.
    I’m here for only tweo and a half weeks now and I noticed something that annoyed me a bit.
    It happened twice that I published a post without giving it a name and when I named it afterwards the name wasn’t displayed.
    So, am I cack-handed or isn’t it possible to name posts, which are already published.
    Greets, Julie Kay.

    I’m sorry for the language (I’m from Germany – hope you can understand me).

    The blog I need help with is



    Every blog post URL has the title and the date embedded into it. The Title and URL of a post are related by default. When you initially type the title of your post, the post slug (used in the permalink/URL) is automatically created. The post slug is the part of the URL after the date in a post’s URL.

    That’s why creating a title and entering it before your publish is very important. Otherwise your posts will not be easily located in search engines like Google or anywhere else either.

    If you have a post in draft form your can’t think ot a title for then leave it in draft form untill your are ready to insert thet title and publish the post.


    Okay, thank you.
    I dind’t want to publish them without a name, I somehow forgot to name them.



    Ah … now I understand that you publishing them without a title was an accident. You’re welcome and best wishes for happy blogging. :)

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