Can I not show image file names?

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    My blog is a portfolio of my art, but most of my image files are arbitrarily named and I would rather the image name not be shown when they are viewed, moused over, or viewed in a carousel. Is there an option to turn this off for every image at once, rather than renaming every image? Thanks!

    The blog I need help with is



    No, there’s no such option.
    If by “renaming every image” you mean renaming the actual files and re-uploading them, you don’t have to do that. If you mean editing the already uploaded files, yes you’ll have to do it.
    The text that shows up upon hover etc. isn’t the filename, it’s the image title; WP only inserts the filename as a title when you’ve failed to provide a title yourself.
    So, for the images you have already uploaded and inserted, edit each one of your pages, click the Add Media tool, click the Gallery tab; click Show to open each image popup, enter new titles; click Save All Changes when you’re done with all the gallery images, click Update (page).
    For the pages that are under construction, you can either enter titles after uploading the images and before inserting the gallery, or of course rename the image files before uploading them.

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