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Can I Numbering Comment?

  1. I have a lot Comment, and i want to numbering it? can i Numbering it? an How?

  2. You can't number comments without the CSS upgrade, and I'm not sure that the CSS upgrade would allow you to do it even then. You can test it on the CSS preview, if you want. You don't have to buy the upgrade until you know it works and does what you want, which you find out by playing with the preview.

  3. Con you give us a link to your blog, please?


    Im not CSS UPGRADE member.... so I there another way?

  5. No, there is not unless you want to Edit every comment and put a number inside it.

  6. Actually you can switch to a theme that has numbered comments. Andreas09 for example.

  7. Ow.. Okey... i cant numbering all the Comment by myself (so busy to do it :) ) gonna try the theme ...Thx you Delta, Thx Rain...

  8. Thanks, delta. Andreas09 has a lot of features I'm not familiar with, but people love it.

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