Can I only upload themes if I have a paid (, not site?

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    I did search FAQ and Forums for this, and you’d think for sure people would have asked this before, but maybe my search binoculars just aren’t so good today.

    I found other sites that have free WordPress themes. I downloaded a few I want to try. But I couldn’t figure out how to go about uploading them.

    I did find this in the forums:

    If you host yourself, you can download a theme and tweak it to your hearts content. You can download and install whatever plugins you want.

    Me again. It’s the phrase ‘if you host yourself’ that throws me off. Does it mean only if I have the paid wp site?

    Can I upload themes to my blog, and if so, how do I do it?

    Thanks a lot



    Yes, it has been asked before. No, you cannot upload themes to a wordpress.COM site.



    “Host yourself” means finding a host other than Wp.COM.

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