Can I pay for someone to help me get back on my page or something?

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    I had the beginnings of a site, but now all I get on my dashboard are broken link icons. I don’t want two sites(i.e. I don’t know how I signed myself up for a blog:). I can’t even find the photos and timeline that I’d posted and could see a few months ago. Someone tried to help me a few nights ago but I haven’t heard back. Is there a formal process I can follow to try to get back on my feet or should I just bail out?

    The blog I need help with is



    For starters DON’T DELETE ANYTHING deleting things is gone forever.

    You mention two sites. We need all the sites / blogs / URL’s etc beginning with http that you need help with to begin to help you

    What exactly do you remember doing? did you transfer anything? Buy anything?


    OK. Thank you.When I try to get back into my dashboard–it gives me a ferny picture and says I only have one page and am “marthainmaine”. The mainefairtradearchive that I was working on has 7 pages or something and all of my postings were on those pages-and when I am in the dashboard environment-the pull down menu on the upper right hand side of the page has each listed (marthainmaine looks as if it is a blog)
    and when I select the mainefairtradearchive it sort of looks right and all of the pages might be there but when I select them they appear and then disapper in seconds-replaced with a “broken link” graphic/icon.
    There is a timeline graphic on the bottom of my site that I had transferred into the wordpress site but it was there from the beginning and I worked around it.(A visitor last month was here and showed me how to add a page to a page is the only other activity on the site recently. ) Nope haven’t purchased anything.



    Missing stuff is not my strong suite – but have you checked for browser issues?

    Maybe the below will help someone help you

    You have two blogs – this is empty log-in

    This has content: – log-in

    I don’t see any pictures in the above blog – sometimes people will have more than one account and will not be logged in as the correct user to get into a blog –


    Thank you so much. The contented site is almost looking the way it used to. Whew! I’ve lost a “home” page–my menu item just pulls up the “about” page..I was going to just copy the “About” page and rewrite it–but can’t figure out where to go to re-link that new page to the menu item-can you help with that as well?
    One last item- your clarifying that I had two blogs-one being empty–can I delete the empty one in some way so as not to keep messing my brain?
    PS. Thank you lots



    Don’t delete it. Just go to Settings->Reading and set it as Private. It’s very useful to have a private blog for messing with themes and widgets.

    To create static Pages, you need to go to Dashboard->Pages->Create New. If you want the blog posts to show on the page when someone goes to the blog, go to Settings->General and select that the blog should open on the Posts page.


    All right then. Will do.
    Will the “home” menu item automatically point to the “home” page that i create new?



    If you create a static home page and you used to have one, the url will have home-2 at the end of it, so you will need to edit the custom menu and put that in. Create the page first, then see how it works. It can be fiddly.


    Hmm. Right now my menu item “home” directs to the “about” page . And the “about” menu item directs to the “about ” page –which it was meant to do.
    Would it be easier to keep the “home” menu as is(and re-edit the page it links to and retitle it) and then just create another “about” page for the second about. No that doesn’t help cuz I still don’t understand about linking the menu items to their individual page:) I just want to be able to go some place and change the html link and point it to the “home”!

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