Can I podcast from (and if so, how?) or must I move to .org?

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    My blog is hosted on, and I’d like to get into podcasting. I understand about the Space Upgrades (and don’t mind paying for that), but will that allow me to do podcasting? If I need to move to .org, I can do that, but I’d prefer to not make the change if I don’t have to.

    What I really want is a brief summary titled, “How to podcast with as your host”!
    Blog url:



    As long as your post contains an audio file, it will be accepted as a Podcast by most podcasting services, including iTunes.


    And then I use Feedburner to make the connection between my blog and (say) iTunes? Is that right?




    You can use Feedburner or you can use the feed automatically generated by You can access your RSS feed by adding /feed/ to your blog URL:


    OK, I think I get it. iTunes then pulls out only the content that’s relevant to it (the MP3 file), I’m guessing?

    BTW, there are lots of fragments of this information on your site, but it’s confusing because I can’t figure out if the successful WordPress podcasters are using the .org service (or .com, like me). Suggestion: you need an article titled, “I blog at How do I add podcasting?” with all this information.



    Thanks for your feedback — we’ll definitely keep that in mind for future guides on! Regarding your original question, iTunes should recognize the audio file from your RSS feed, either from or Feedburner.

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