Can I post donation button?

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    Can I post donation button? Paypal says to post on administration page? as Html/ Can you please provide me with suggestions. ps
    I think I need more blogging school as I sometimes end up with things on the wrong page but I am really glad you are here along with the whole blogging world. xx b

    The blog I need help with is



    You will want to follow the instructions here:

    Take a look through that page and let me know if you have any further questions. I’ll be happy to help.


    rootjosh I’ve been doing this for days and now i’m sobbing. I tried every everything 1000 times and called paypal but it still isn’t working i made two drafts and there’s a 3rd. I’m over blogged and trying so hard to save Lucy the Edmonton elephant.Please help.



    Calling PayPal produces instructions for code we cannot use on WordPress.COM blogs, and can only be used on WordPress.ORG sites.

    Following the guide rootjosh posted the link to in our WordPress.COM support docs religiously without trying to add in anything or leave anything out works on WordPress.COM blogs.



    Also note that when I click your username link check out what happens
    barbaragreenemann That’s an invalid link.

    The valid link is


    root I went and put it in text then in fullpage, then back in visual and no button came. Its even published. i had to buy a new keyboard cuz the letters came off and i only use two fingers. I’m too old for this. please give me more tips, you can see I’m trying so hard. thanks Barb



    Let’s start with your linking your username to the correct URL because the one you have been using invalid. Here’s how to link your username to a blog registered under the same username account Dashboard -> Users -> Personal Settings -> then scroll down to Primary Blog. Where it says ‘Primary Blog‘ select the URL for your primary blog and then save changes.


    hi timethirf does that FN button is maki ng things copp



    I am fluent only in the English language and I cannot understand what you typed so I’m tagging this thread for Staff.


    I’m back. did some of that nut forgot the rest.


    that wor d is but. I’ll write it down


    do I go the lucy site or the one with all the blogs on it.


    where do I copy the button info from paypal. I used my blog Lucy,did it in text, went full page ,saved and then did visual but nothing happened.

    I have a new keyboard and it is doing weird things like making everything blue as if to copy. and the mouse has a circle or picks up a frame on its tip/


    how do I find administrator text ? thanks


    Are we having snacks? lol



    What step of the instructions I linked to were you able to make it through before you encountered a problem? What was the exact problem?


    Hi this is my confusion. I could not edit it in paypal they said I should try dreamweaver, this is getting to hard and I k ow it’s not. Can I go to my Blog in the administrator post site Lucy in text, but here it won’t let me paste , so I have to paste in visual, the text appears but never the icon. Thank you root josh.



    Do not listen to the Paypal people. You should not be doing anything with dreamweaver.

    The instructions on the page I have linked to are the exact ones you should follow.

    Can you paste in the code you are trying to use here? Click the “code” button, paste in your code, then click the code button again. Then click “submit”.




    And is that the link you got in step #9 of the instructions here:

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