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can i post game for people to play on blog

  1. can i post game for people to play on blog
    i want to put some game on my blog for people to play online,
    but i dont know if wordpress allow it.

  2. Depends what kind of code it is. If you post it here between backticks we can take a look. All javascript and flash is stripped out, though.

  3. What kind of game are you trying to add in?

  4. like a flash game

  5. No, unfortunately you can't. Flash and javascript type code are stripped for security reasons.

    This means that although you post the code it won't work and will just look strange on the created page.


  6. Agreed. Flash is removed due to the security risk of object tags. You would be putting every blog here at risk. You can do it with regular wordpress hosted elsewhere as it's just a single blog while is a shared environment.

  7. thx so much , you save me a lot of time.

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