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Can i post pictures in "tile" mode?

  1. If i upload pictures on my post, it...kinda shows like only one column. Like, i upload one picture, then if i want to upload picture right to the picture i just upload, i don't know how. I wish i can upload pictures with MANY columns. Can i do that?

  2. u mean right next to them? you should use the basic editor, not the visual rich one if you want more control over your html. just remove any break tags and position the imgsrc codes right after each other.

  3. A more controllable way to post pictures in a grid is to use the HTML table commands. To do that, you have to make sure you are doing it in the HTML mode, which you can enter by clicking on the HTML icon at the top of your editing window.

    Here is code for a simple two-column table (I have shown where the photo would go):



  4. In my post, I used the ticks (') to keep the HTML from being interpreted. Of course, you would write the code without the ticks. I thought they would not appear.

  5. tried

    but it gets deleted away

  6. Delete the line break between the html code for your pictures.


    You have to start with:

    <img src="" alt="Basic Picture with a 8.3 file name" /><br /> <img src="" alt="Basic Picture with a 8.3 file name but with a space included" />

    Note the line break.

    Change it to this:

    `<img src="" alt="Basic Picture with a 8.3 file name" /><img src="" alt="Basic Picture with a 8.3 file name but with a space included" />'

    Note that there's no line break between the two img tags in the second sample.

    Granted, if your pics are too large for your theme, it'll automatically push it down to the second line...

    Hope this helps,

  7. thanks i see ur point
    but can i post up pictures in table form as i wan them to be of the same height n width and oso do without the border?

  8. Here's an example by the way in case anyone else comes by to see this.

    Well, the height and width of a picture depends on what you're uploading. You can try forcing height and width sizes within the html code that you are using (WP might try to strip that part out. Not sure.) or just resize the picture to what you need it as before uploading.

    A table border is theme dependant and the theme will override any setting that you try and force on it.

  9. thanks once again
    i've tried sizing the picture and it works
    the thing is i wan them to be side my side n on top of each other like in a table form instead of it spilling over to the nex line

    oh and oso in ur blog how to u get those white borders around the pictures?

  10. Delete the space between the ones you want on a single line. Add the line break on the ones you want on the next line. Or even add in a <br /> mark yourself.

    The white borders are theme dependant. My example is hosted off site as well. Some of the themes have borders, some don't.

  11. Hello, I'm having trouble figuring out what letters in the HTML code create a line break. I'm also trying to get two pictures that I've posted to sit next to each other on the page instead of one on top of the other. I've resized them so they should both fit on one line, but can't figure out how to alter the code.

    Any help would be great. Thanks!

  12. Never mind, I got it figured out. Thank you!

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