Can I post with two different display names?

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    I would like to be able to post with two different display names. One for each of two blogs I would like to maintain.

    I would like to do this without having to create a new account.

    I would like to have Blog 1 and have my entries posted by “jblandrum”

    I would like to have blog 2 and have my entries posted by “fake-o-character-name”

    all without having 2 accounts.


    Create a new user for the other blog and set it to administrator or author or whatever you want and then to make changes to the other blog, just sign in as that user.



    There is no way to do it without two accounts.


    So if you have two blogs and multiple authors set up, they will all be displayed with the same name no matter who they sign in as? Wait, OK I see what you are saying rain, my bad.



    No worries: you’re newer to Internet identity games than I am. I’ve been in chat with seven different usernames that were only two different people, some of whom were arguing with themselves. But yes, to have two display names you need two different accounts at You can have any number of blogs under each username, but not any number of usernames associated with any blog without adding accounts.


    I haven’t gotten into the multiple identities yet. Sort of like having your own 007 disguise kit. I sometimes argue with myself, but I seldom win. :)



    I know that feeling. No I don’t! Yes, I do!

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