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Can I put a About Me box on front page?

  1. I have seen a few blogs that have a little box in the upper right hand corner of their blog that has a picture of them and then a little (maybe 2 to 3 sentences) about themselves and/or about what their blog is about.

    I'm wondering how to do that? I looked in the Widget section but didn't see anything that looked like it but maybe I'm just not understanding what one of the widegts are? I am using the Chateau theme.

    Thank you!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Ok so does this mean there is no way to do this?? response???

  3. sistersofcomposure

    I got mine by using the mini avatar widget I think, you have to have your gravatar profile (picture and details) up to date. But I'm new here so I hope this helps.

  4. Thank you dumblogger I will check that out and see if it works!! :-)

  5. Why am I unable to view my about me page? It will not even open from the browser.

  6. @jmcgraw1409
    You can use a text widget and create your own.
    If you don't code then create a draft post you will later delete. Create the content in it. Switch to the Text (HTML) editor and copy the code. Then open a text widget and paste the code in it. Click "save" and "close" and then go back and delete the draft post.

  7. @edomsthorn
    That's off topic for this thread. Please click this link and create another thread of your own >

  8. Thanks so much Timethief!!!


  9. @jmcgraw1409
    You're welcome.

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