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Can i Put Ads In

  1. hi everyone............^_^
    i have one question to all, can i put ads in widget

    if available to it, can you suggest me the best publisher site except Google Adsense.........? Thank you............

    The blog I need help with is

  2. i see, sorry i haven't read it, thank you for your Answer.......^_^

  3. You be welcome

    If you have a ton of traffic you can apply for the Word Ads program - but from what I read - lots of traffic for not a lot of money

  4. ok, i has understand.

  5. Hello,

    i have one question, i read that if you have a wordpress in your own host (not the wordpress one) then you can install adsense and other things,

    is that true?


  6. It depends on the terms of service of the individual host. Some allow it some don't.

  7. thanks for the info, im on bluehost and i think there is posible

  8. Thanks for this thread, it's very helpful. Though I'm still a bit confused. If affiliated links are not allowed, then why setting up a PayPal is valid? (I mean for .com, not .org)
    Thanks in advance

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