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Can I put all of my blogs together under one account?

  1. I would like to not have to log in to three different accounts. How do I put all of my blogs under one account? I do not understand half of the instructions on your site. It is not very 'non-tech' friendly. :) Please make it simple. Thanks!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi,

    I have lots of blogs, some of which I use regularly. They cannot be put into one account because I want to keep them separate: work vs personal vs others. But I do understand what a hassle it is to log in and out in order to work on one then the other. I hate remembering and typing in passwords! signing in and out… grrr.

    My simplest solution is to use different browsers for different blogs. I keep my work blog on Safari. I keep my personal blog on Firefox. If I have to help with blogs that I set up for other people, they are on Opera (though I am now thinking Chrome would be nicer).

    It's simple because then I can stay signed in on Safari with work, and stay signed in on Firefox for personal.

    Does this make sense to you?

  3. That said, I know your question was about how to combine all of your 3 blogs into one account.

    You say

    How do I put all of my blogs under one account? I do not understand half of the instructions on your site. It is not very 'non-tech' friendly. :) Please make it simple.

    I don't know what your 3 accounts are, but I'll try to explain how to transfer two of them into your main account, without being too technical.

    Please make it simple. Thanks!

    Here is the support article about transferring one blog (account) to another:

    Choose which account / name you want to have for all three.
    I'll call it "A " to be your ultimate choice for your main blog.

    You also have blogs I'll call "B" and "C."

    Notice: Each blog / account / name ("A," "B," and "C") has an email address stuck to it. That is why you have to keep signing in and out to access your different blogs.
    You have a different email address for each blog: thinks you are three different people because each email address is how they identify who you are. To them, you are three different people "A," "B," and "C," because each of those blogs has a unique email address. Like psuedonymns. It ( doesn't know you are the same person.

    What you need to do, in order to combine all of your accounts is to have persons "B" and "C" transfer their accounts to your main account "A."

  4. You will do this same procedure for blog "B" and for blog "C"

    Go to your second account dashboard while you are logged in:
    http:// prideoffelines or whatever your second account is

    Hover over "address" and it will allow you to "transfer blog"
    You'll see this:

    Note that you will only see this for blogs where you are the owner.

    If you are certain you want to transfer a blog then click the transfer blog option. A screen will appear with a warning:


    After you have read and confirmed this warning, you can enter the username or email address of the user you wish to transfer the blog to:

    enter name

    After entering a valid username or email address for the transfer, you will receive a confirmation email to your registered email address. Your blog transfer will not take place until you read this email and follow the link contained within it.

  5. mainecoonpride

    Here is a beautiful thing that I discovered by mistake. I CAN pu all my blogs together on my iPad. :)

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