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Can I put banners in my sidebar leading to other sites?

  1. I was wondering if I can put a banner linking to other hosted sites? I have some on my blog right now, and I would like to hear what others say about it so I know whether to delete them or not (just in case it may be a violation of the TOS).


    (Blog I need help with is

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Links to other blogs is fine - charging for the links, pay per click links, advertising will get your blog suspended

    See below for the Terms of Service you agreed to when you signed up - quick reading actually

  3. Okay, thanks. I was also wondering, so would Swagbucks or Prize Rebel referral links count as advertising? I hope it's alright for me to ask this question inside my other question.

  4. Swagbucks is specifically called out as a get your blog suspended thing - seen many blogs suspended for that - a Google search makes me think that Prize Rebel would get you suspended also

    If the question is related then a question inside is fine - if someone dropped in with a question about domain names that would be confusing to everyone

  5. There was a blog suspended today for Swagbucks, in fact.

  6. okay, thanks for the replies. I'm assuming that because Swagbucks and Prize Rebel aren't allowed, Gifthulk and Loot Palace would not be okay either.

  7. Correct.

  8. I would actually think that because Swagbucks was deliberately pointed out that WordPress would block URLs to that site, like how they do for sites like

    So to close this topic, I would mark this as resolved, or would this take care of itself?

  9. They have some automated stuff - the staff will not talk about it but it does work judging from the postings from people that get suspended.

    Also the average blogger here hates spam sites so they will turn in blogs that have TOS problems -

    Mark resolved or leave alone - your choice - resolved would be a bit better but the forum is very active so in a day or two this will be back several pages

  10. Okay.. I'm resolving to mark this as resolved (worst joke ever told..if it was one at all..).

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