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Can I put my associates ID on these book links?

  1. The general comments about using links to Amazon books are a little open ended, and several posts on the forum suggested I ask for support directly. My wordpress blog, will be specifically focused on helping people write their memoirs. To make my material more accessible I want to put in references to published memoirs. And this ought to also help memoirists sell their books. My question is, when I add the link, am I permitted to include the associates code? If not, I have figured out how to enter links without the associates code, but if I could add it, it would give a little more profit incentive. Let me know either way so I know how to proceed.

    There's an example of some links in today's blog titled: Example of character arc in a celebrity memoir. These links do not include the associate code.

    Thanks for your service.
    Jerry Waxler

  2. This is not where you need to put this request. Send it in an email to support at

  3. Agreed. You're asking a policy question and the only ones who can answer that is staff.

    Not sure why you opened a new thread on teh subject...

  4. @drmike,
    I think this is how he thought he needed to ask the question to staff ;)

  5. Agreed - I think many bloggers who do post to these support forums believe their questions are being answered by staff and that posting to the forum is "the" way to communicate with staff.
    There is no indication given to new bloggers that these forums are "manned" by fellow bloggers who are volunteers. Perhaps wordpress needs to make that clear.

  6. *chuckle* Well in that case, Matt and Ryan need to hire us all. :)

  7. Frankly when I came to wordpress I assumed by posting to this forum and getting help from you that I was speaking to a staff member. It amazed me to find that I was receiving support from a volunteer.

  8. A lot of online communities are like that, even the corporations.

    Webhosting is like that. Everyone has a little bit that they can add in. For example, I know very little about CSS but we have other folks here who know more. We had a question about podcasting in teh WPMu forums a couple of days ago. I didn't know the answer and made a post to the wp-forums mail list and it was answered by one of the moderators.

  9. @drmike
    Yeah, I know this now but I didn't know anything when I first came. So I assume it's safe to assume at least some others who are new to blogging will be just as clueless as I was, before you fed me full of information and "whipped" me into shape. {chuckle} ;)

  10. Yes, I'm totally brand new. Have been blogging every day for about 6 days, which seems like a fantastic accomplishment. Now I just need to keep it up for another 359 days and I'll have something to be really proud of. Thanks for the feedback. I sent the email. While you're all on it, I'd like to comment on how much lower key and less formal your photos are than mine. I guess an informal snapshot at the beach or something might be more appropriate?


  11. *shrug* I usually just throw up something from my Kim Possible webcomic. I was watching a Extreme Ghostbusters episode on youtube yesterday and the pic kind of reminded me of Mark. Can't tell from that size though. :)

    Guess I should change it.


  12. Not for what you're doing. The images we choose to represent us articulate different things about us, so pick whichever one you feel is the face you wish to present to WordPress at large. It helps with your brand identity if you use the same image in many ways, like a logo. I use this one here, at Blogger, on Gawker Media blogs, and in forums, so now every time someone sees the logo for the Total Information Awareness project at the Department of Homeland Security, they think of me!

  13. I agree with TT on the staff/volunteer thing. When a site steers people toward its forums for support, and that support ends up being quite helpful and accurate, people tend to assume that the people posting on the forum have some sort of formal connection with the site itself.

    OK, that was wordy, but what i mean is, i made the same assumption when i came to the WP forum. It's the curse of correct answers.

  14. Open Source setups usually do tend to be good, and volunteer led. It's less centralized and more community based. It's why Linux thrives, while Microsoft stagnates.

  15. Oops! sorry for taking everyone off track here.

  16. The thing I like about the avatars here is that we can change them. Ever try to change one via Gravatar? It takes a couple of days.

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