Can I put the page source of a theme into the CSS thing?

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    I found this pretty blue two sidebar WordPress theme:

    If I paid for the CSS thing, would there be a way of getting the page source and posting all that code into where my CCS is and run the same way that my site runs now?



    As in page source, I’m assuming that you mean the php code that makes up the theme.

    Afraid not. CSS and php code are two seperate things. PHP is read and acted upon by the server while CSS is handled by the visitor’s browser.



    Okay thanks. I thought I thought of this brilliant idea. lol



    Might be possible to adapt the CSS to the Sandbox PHP code, though. It wouldn’t be an exact replica of the original theme but the visuals would be close enough. I’ll take a look at it, even though I tend to think we have more than enough blue-and-white themes already.

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