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Can I reactivate blog if I'm the account holder?

  1. I mistakingly deleted a blog for my account julianmoors. I know you don't allow this under any circumstances, however since I am the account holder, I was just hoping you could make an acception or add some kind of functionality to allow this at some point in the future on providing the blog account is to be reactivated for the original account holder.

    Many thanks for reading. cioa.

  2. I think you've answered your own question with

    "I know you don't allow this under any circumstances,".

    You could try pleading your case by sending feedback (if you can get to your dashboard) but don't get your hopes up.

  3. I'm sorry but it won't be reactivated.
    Two reasons:

    1 - the process makes it very clear what the consequences will be at the deletion steps.

    2 - undeleting is either done or it is not. It cannot be some sort of process which some get and others do not. Given (1) it will not be done.

  4. Well couldn't you just delete my account alltogether then that would then allow me to signup again? It seems a waste of prefectly good webspace to me.

    I'm not asking for an exception to the rule as previously members have asked to re-use names that may belong to other members. All I am asking is the chance to be able to use my first and second names.

    It doesn't really matter to me as I'll just use some other blogging site.

  5. If your account is deleted entirely the name will not be available for re-registration by anyone, including you.

    Fortunately, are the only host I know of with this particular policy (I think there must be some weirdness in the way they've set their databases up) so whichever alternative service you decide to go with, you should be OK.

  6. Yahoo makes you wait six months before reuse.

  7. Six months is substantially different from 'forever' ;)

  8. wank honey [pure affection and no insult intended by use of this endearment] you sound so damned unhappy:( but I do take you point. If you send in a feedback on this requesting a six month policy be instituted I will give you permission to use my name as another supporter. But in case that's a no go: which name is it that you want, and can't we figure out an acronym or something so you can :) again?

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