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Can I really use Google for free email hosting for my domain?

  1. I followed the instructions at to set up email for my new domain using Google Apps for Business and that works fine. The problem is that the instructions walk you through setting up a free 30-day *trial* of Google Apps for Business, after which I guess my email will stop working unless I pay Google $5/month to keep the account going. I don't see any way to set this up as a free service from Google, which seems to be what WordPress is telling me that I can do. Help?!
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  2. Yes, Google is a bit misleading there.

    When you first sign up for Google Apps, you're given a 30-day free trial of Google Apps for Business.

    After the 30 days are up, you'll have to option to pay to continue, or switch to their free service.

  3. Ah - very good. Thank you for your explanation.

  4. You're welcome!

  5. Well, here I am, 30 days later and my Google trial has expired. I logged into my account and can't find anything anywhere about an option to switch to a free service. The only options I can find are an Annual Plan or a Flexible Plan, neither of which are free. Perhaps they have changed things and the free option is no longer available?

  6. Hi there - the free option still exists. Instructions for downgrading your account can be found here:

  7. Thanks. I finally found what I needed, with your help, Kathryn. Google sure doesn't make it easy to find the free Google Apps option.

  8. Excellent - glad you figured it out. Thanks for letting me know.

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