Can I reclaim a cancelled Domain Name?

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    We jumped into this last night and later realized we would be better off using Today I cancelled the premium upgrade as well as the domain name. I read the warning about how I may not be able to get the domain back but I had assumed that meant because someone else could take it once it is released. I wasn’t concerned about it being taken so I went ahead and cancelled everything planning to start fresh and avoid the hassle of transferring.

    Now, a few hours later, the name is still not available and I have learned that it may be 90 days or more before it becomes available, if ever. My original decisions were made in haste and now I am wondering if there is any way to stop the cancellation process and reclaim the domain name and then do the proper transfer process.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    The blog I need help with is



    Why does nobody really believe the warnings?

    Maybe the staff can help you, maybe not, once a custom domain name is canceled it is out of the control of WordPress.COM, I flagged this for the staff to help.

    What is the domain name you need retrieved?


    Thanks for the flag. The domain name is .

    I am sure that I am not the first nor the last that ignored the warnings. To be honest, my interpretation of the warning was that if I released it there would be a chance of someone else picking it up before I could secure it again. It never dawned on me that the domain name wouldn’t be released for 90 days if ever. Adding that little bit of information to the warning disclaimer would have helped me greatly in my decision making.



    Canceled or expired domain names become the property of the registrar, sometimes they are released, for expired domain names there are internet rules that push the time frame out to around 60 to 90 days and sometimes the names are put up for auction and other times squatters will grab a name for hostage. Same for canceled except sometimes it does not go to 90 days,


    That is what I learned after the fact. I was hoping that there was a small window of time where I would be able to reverse the cancellation since only a few hours has passed. Like I said in the original post, my decisions were made in haste and this may be a painful lesson learned.



    Maybe the staff can help you, maybe not,

    I have seen some domain names retrieved and others could not be, that is why I flagged this for the staff, they will need to contact the registrar to find out what can be done

    Good luck



    @ sweetmommabear – I’ve replied to this request in your forum thread here:

    Please reply there if you have any questions about this. Thanks!

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