Can I recover? body of post not saved, only title saved

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    This is probably a long shot, but I just spent a couple of hours writing up a long post and went to save it. I typed it up, and clicked ‘save’. When I went to retrieve the post to edit, only the title appeared. The body was blank. I tried control z, and the back button, but I can’t recover what I wrote. Please, please, PLEASE tell me there’s a way to recover my work. Also, if it’s a timing issue then I suggest WP make that clear or at least give you a pop up window before it loses your work. ARGH.



    WordPress is autosaving now (that’s why the typing hangs sometimes for a moment) so have you looked in Drafts? With an hour of typing in WordPress, it should have saved many, many times.

    Alternately, is there the smallest chance you posted in a font the same colour as the background? I’ve done that once and gave myself a heart attack. That would account for the title showing up, since you can’t change the colour of that.



    I’ve had the same problem. Yesterday I wrote 2 posts and for both only the title appears in the blog and when I go to edit. Today I wrote one of them again, and the same thing has happened.
    I’ve tried looking in drafts as you’ve suggested and nothing there, and doesn’t appear to be a problem with font colour either.
    I’m glad I’m not the only one this is happening to as it’s so frustrating.
    Think I’ll write my posts in Word for the time being so I can save a copy just in case!




    I think it’s lost for good. As I stated, only the title and a blank body was saved in the in the as a draft. The font color was fine too.

    I guess I’ll have to do that copy-paste thing from Word as well. Seems like we shouldn’t have to do that, but c’est la vie!




    I can certainly sympathize with you. I have gone through this misery too. But microsoft WORD is not the best program to post from because it contains a whole lot of formatting code that gets stripped when you put it into the editor on your blog. Then you end up having to put all the formatting in again manually before publishing. It would be better if you used a wordprocessing program with plain text editing instead like microsoft’s Notepad.

    Better still is to use BlogDesk which can be downloaded free of charge and is very easy to use The formatting you use in BlogDesk will be exported directly into your blog and published with no need for extra manual inserting.



    I very enthusiastically recommend staying away from Word as well. I even wrote a post about it:

    Google has an online wordprocessor called

    I’ve been using it for writing posts because it has a very good autosave feature, I can access my drafts from any computer + it allows for collaboration.

    It has a publish directly to feature, unfortunately there are still some major issues (bold/italic not showing, < and > not being converted to HTML entities, uploaded images not being transfered). But it is better / less headaches than Word.

    I haven’t tried BlogDesk, but from what tt says above it sounds like its worth trying.



    Thanks for the feedback on Word. If anything I’ll probably just compose in WordPress then just Control-C and paste into notepad before I hit the publish button.


    The things we bloggers must do… ;)




    When you click Manage on your dashboard, isn’t it there?



    Nope. Like I said, only the title, but the text I entered was all gone.



    Gotta admit that I’ve not heard this one before and am at a loss.

    I’d try sending in a feedback and see if staff has any suggestions.

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