Can I redirect two blogs to one new URL?

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    Hi Guys

    I have 3 questions about site redirect (redirect 301). I have two blogs on and I decided to merge them into one. I bought new domain and set up new site on I moved all the content from both blogs to this new site. It all looks good and it ready to go. I just need to arrange for a redirect. And here is the questions:

    1. Can I have two separate URLs redirected to the one new self hosted site?

    2. What will happen with RSS readers once I redirect to new URL? Will they need to subscribe again or will redirect 301 handle this as well?

    3. On one of my blogs I have feedburner subscription service and on the other the standard subscription widget. All those people who are subscribed that way get new posts via email. Will this continue when I redirect those two blogs to new site? Or will those people have to re-subscribe?

    Thank you

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi Magda. Since no one replied in a while, I thought I would drop by.

    1. I think the site redirect upgrade would achieve that purpose:

    2. Yes, according to the official announcement, that would be a 301 redirect:

    3. For FeedBurner subscribers, the transition should be seamless but you could confirm with FeedBurner or consult their support documentation. For subscribers, I don’t know. Perhaps another volunteer or staff could confirm? You can contact staff through this form, which might only be active as of March 1 though:



    My suggestion is to wait until staff is back on the 2nd. Redirects sometimes need staff intervention and the last thing you need is getting hung up halfway through for several days.



    3) For the subscriptions I think they will need to re-subscribe to your new site – make a new Post on the old site (WordPress.COM subscriptions site) that says I am moving and you need to subscribe to the new site –

    You can’t copy and paste into Feedburner from what I have seen and taking their email and sending them a message is illegal in some countries and considered spam.

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