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Can I remove - Leave a Comment link

  1. After a long time away (and very few posts) I am wanting to start up
    my Blog again. I notice that although I have disabled comments for my
    posts that the 'Leave a Comment' shows up on each post. Can this be
    taken away?

    The Theme I am using is Connections.

    Thank You

    The blog I need help with is

  2. How much experience do you have with CSS editing and are you will to pay $15 per year to remove it?

  3. Oh My....just about computer illiterate here :(
    I guess I shall have to keep the little link.

  4. Thank You timethief.

  5. I guess so. Do you mind me asking why you don't want comments? I'm thinking that there are free websites available on the internet and the three most significant differences between websites and blogs are:
    (1) Blogs provide for inline commenting as they are aimed at engaging readers in discussion - websites don't;
    (2) Blogs have RSS feeds so subscribers can be immediately updated following publication of new posts - websites don't;
    (3) Blogs have Google juice and PageRanks - websites don't .

    The reason so many businesses are embedding blogs into their installs is to take advantage of those three differences (and others). As so many "bloggers" are setting up their blogs to emulate websites by creating static front pages and reordering their blogs to rely on a static Page structure that results in defeating the purposes of having a blog. I'm fascinated by this "trend". Even more fascinating is that I have discovered that many of the folks going this have no clue as to what the affects of their restructuring has including disabling their blog's ability to achieve any Google juice flowing in or out, and disabling their blog's ability to achieve a PageRank.

  6. I don't mind at all......I think that I was just a little reticent, you notice I say WAS. After checking around a thinking it over and now reading your last post, I think I am swayed!. I welcome your view point on the Page structure. I have to admit, the 'Pages' content did puzzle me a little. As I say, I really am not so good with a computer but I do like to learn. ~ Many thanks, I shall go and change my settings.

  7. The vast and overwhelming amount of Google juice goes to posts. The most Google juice of all goes to the front page of a blog, because blogs are structured in reverse chronological order, and search engines are programmed to locate dynamic content on the front page. Change that and you have upset the applecart, so to speak.

  8. Let's say I'm willing to pay the 15 USD to remove it. What would I do to remove the entire footer with the "Leave a Comment Link" and the "Filed under Uncategorized" links. Thanks!


  9. Also, when I alter the CSS the links do not change. They are rendered to the user via the server and wordpress says you can't alter the HTML of the themes. You can only build one yourself.

  10. @fweld
    Sorry bu=t we cannot get started when it comes to answering your question until you post the URL for the blog to which your refer starting with http://

  11. I am wondering what the 'leave a comment' link actually does apart from the jump to the reply box which is only just below it.

    Is it meant to be somewhere else? Or even an image instead? Can it be removed?

  12. @chrisspyrou the link helps you jump to the comment box as you describe, this is particularly useful when there are lots of comments on a post, therefore pushing the comment box quite far down the page.

  13. I think I have finally found the answer on here

    It seems to be a theme based issue.

    Apparently it used to say '0 comments' and now says 'leave a comment'. I would prefer it to say something like no comments yet if that was possible.

  14. Of course, thx I didn't think about the fact there could be a number of posts.

    Can you change the appearance of it?

    Also change it to '0' from 'leave a'?

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