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Can I remove "LIkes" posted by specious sources?

  1. I've noticed an uptick in spam "Likes" - people who tag a post with a "Like" in order to get a click-back button on it. When followed, these links lead to get-rich-quick schemes, and virus-spewing bogus websites. I do not want my visitors following these image buttons, only to end up the victim of an Internet mugging. Is there any way to remove a "Like" once it has been registered?

  2. There isn't a way to remove likes from a post. If you do notice a profile that links to a spammy site which violates our terms of service, feel free to report it.

    You can also opt to turn off global Likes under Settings > Sharing, by choosing " Likes are - Turned on per post."

  3. Thanks. However this turns up a loophole on WordPress web-safety policies.

    The offending "Likes" do not point to WordPress sites, and no action can be taken against them because WP only polices its own. The annoying/evil "LIkes" are linked to outside sites or spam-laden gravatars. Here is one:

    Strongly suggest that WP limits "Likes" to those who hold legitimate WP sites only. -K.

  4. Thanks for your feedback, I appreciate your perspective and definitely understand your frustration.

    Likes are already only allowed from logged in users. If a non-logged in user attempts to like a post, they will be prompted to log in or create a account.

    The site to which a Gravatar - the small image you see when someone likes a post - links depends on what URL the user has entered in their Gravatar/ public profile. Gravatar is a service open to everyone, not just active bloggers, and we don't restrict what types of sites can be added in that field, as long as the Gravatar has the appropriate rating (G-X).

    Thanks again for your input.

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