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can I remove my email address when I comment on other people's sites?

  1. When I leave a comment, my email comes up on the person's website with my comment.

    I do not want to leave my email. How can I remove it?
    Thank you!

  2. Log out first and enter a different address.

    - this must not be anyone else's address
    - comments without a valid email could carry less weight. If someone comments on a blog of mine and leaves a fake email I completely ignore what they say. After all, why consider something when the person behind the comment is hiding?
    - watch that your browser does not auto-complete the data.

  3. Just to clarify... is your email address actually being published publicly on the website/blog?

    And for future reference it's generally a good idea, when posting questions in the forum, to leave your WordPress.COM URL. No pressure.

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