Can i remove NO COMMENTS from posts using custom CSS?

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    I can’t see how to remove the default ‘NO COMMENTS’ at the top of my posts with the earlier version of wordpress i still use on one of my blogs.

    Plese can anyone advise me how to do it?

    And can i remove it from my blogs using currnt version if i pay for Custom CSS Upgrade?

    If so, once again, please advise how.

    (I do not want comments on my blog posts)

    Many thanks



    Lovedubs – are you hosted on

    The comment about “earlier version” of wordpress suggests that you aren’t. Unfortunately you’re not linked through your profile so I can’t tell.

    If you’re not on you need to be asking at

    Just for info though, if you’re self hosted have a look at the theme file index.php. In “The Loop” (Search the codex!) there will be a “bit” for comments.

    If you’re on it’s dependent on the theme you’re using. You may be able to use “display: none” depending on the element defined in the theme.




    yes i’m on

    the themes are sunburn 1.1, chaoticsoul 1.2 and day dream hosted on

    and sunburn 1.1 hosted on my server ( though this is an earlier version where CSS customization is free



    I see!

    For the self hosted one you will need to ask for full information at (but see my post above)

    Unfortunately, as you’ve gathered, we have no access to modify themes. I’ll have a look at the two themes and see if there’s anything you can do.



    I’m stunned. your dub is gorgeous! I also see that you’re only about 30 miles down the road from me!

    Anyhoo, with Chaotic Soul you could do it by changing

    .postmetadata a { font-weight: bold; }


    .postmetadata a {display: none;}

    Daydream – this is a little strange. I looked at your blog and you have a static page with no posts that will show the “no comments”.

    Because you’re a fellow south coaster, and I’m in a good mood, here’s how to modify Sunburn to get rid of the No Comments:

    Go to the theme folder – WPcontent -> Themes, find the sunburn theme and open “index.php” in a text editor. Notepad will do. NOT MSWORD!

    Find the line

    <div class="comment_link"><?php comments_popup_link('No Comments', '1 Comment', '% Comments'); ?></div>

    and delete it. Save and re-upload it and yer done. :)



    Hi Cornell, Howdy neighbour, and thanks for your advice.

    I’ve upgraded for CSS with a 15 credit paypal payment. When WP acknowledges it i’ll try the changes you recommend.

    I changed the theme file index.php in dreamweaver and uploaded/ reloaded etc etc but without apparent success



    Keep in mind the obvious that the CSS upgrade will only affect and not I know that is pretty simple, but sometimes it can be confusing!



    Member is on a version of wp which does not require upgrade for CSS amendments.

    Is it that self-hosted wp blogs must be

    ie maybe it’s not a previous version of as i 1st assumed, but that allows free CSS-ing?


    Member runs on a different version of software (one that doesn’t really have a release version number, as i understand it), so things you do here may not amount to the same thing with your self-hosted blog and vice versa.

    If you have questions about your self-hosted blog, your best bet is to head over to

    We can only help you with the blog you have hosted here.


    Member is a not a version of wordpress as much is it is a hosting service for WordPress blogs run on WordPress MU. is the software version of wordpress that people can download and install on their own hosting providers for their sites. That means that your blog requires the CSS upgrade to do what you want and your self-hosted version of wordpress is completely free to do whatever you want as it is not contrainted by anything.




    How long does it normally take after paying 15 credits for a CSS upgrade before your wp site acknowledges upgrade?



    I think they wait until Monday on the weekends. It’s normally right away though.



    I have 2 blogs linked by dashboard, both using Chatoic Soul theme.
    I’ve paid for CSS upgrade on one and now CSS upgrade does not come up as an option (whereas it does on my other linked blog that uses the same theme), so i assume custom CSS is now activated on that one blog. However, i’ve tried everything i can think of to change the CSS in Chaotic Soul and nothing seems to work.

    I run MAC OSX using Camino browser.

    I’ve tried pasting onto or deleting html from ‘View stylesheet’ page and then ‘save stylesheet’ without success.

    I can not see any other option in CSS Stylesheet Editor page.

    There are only 3 options: ‘View Stylesheet’, ‘preview’ and ‘save stylesheet’ as i do not apparently want to ‘start from scratch and just use this’

    What am i missing?



    thought it might be a browser issue, so

    i tried explorer 5.2 for mac. no luck. when i clicked on ‘view stylesheet’ it automatically downloaded it. i could open it in dreamweaver and make the necessary edit but i can’t see where to upload it back.

    and wp obviously does not support this old version of explorer.

    mozilla is supported, but can not edit.

    firefox 0.8 is supported, but can not edit

    can’t believe it’s a mac issue; this is 21st century after all :)

    so – new question – when you pc folks click on ‘view stylesheet’ do you download it to make changes? or can you edit on the CSS page on site?

    can’t see any tutorial on wp CSS edits; i do not like asking unnecessary newbie type questions on forums, but this forum support would seem the only appropriate place to enquire


    firefox 0.8? this is the 21st century after all :P

    no, you should be able to just copy and paste, and hit save.



    ha ha kamel :) you’re right. i haven’t used firefox for years as camino seems to do the job. but dug it out to try other browsers in case it was a browser issue.



    copy and paste in CSS ‘view stylesheet’ def does not work. the ‘view stylesheet’ page is fixed.

    is it likely to be a wp error? ie upgraded, but for some reason not amended my site?

    the only workaround i can think off offhand is to ignore the fact that i’ve upgraded to CSS-edit in, export the blog to a hosted blog @ .org, make the CSS edits for free, and import it again. Anybody experimented thus? would that work?



    Dubs – I would send in feedback, referencing this thread saying that you cannot save the edits. There’s an occasional hiccup with the system that Mark can sort in a few seconds for you.




    Collin – Thanks a bunch neighbour. Btw thanks for your suggestions on my hosted blog. Worked a treat (though for reference i couldn’t do it by text editor, but once i knew what to look for i used CSS edit pages on the blog)



    For reference – please don’t send me tickets pointing at threads here.
    It sometimes is not clear where the answer is wanted or even what the problem is.
    Just send every detail – and more – to Support.

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