can I remove or delete certain Stats?

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    This morning I was logged in (in fact I never sign out), looked at Reader, Stats and then went to My Blog. I clicked on my blog’s name and went in and had a look around my Home page (posts) and my About. I then went back to Stats and it had recorded all my clicks in my own blog as a visitor from SA…I don’t want my stats to reflect me looking at my own blog, otherwise my blog hits look inflated. This is the first time this has happened. Is there any way I can clear this from my stats? Thank you for your help.
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    No, those stats cannot be undone even by WordPress itself.

    What is strange is that, if you’re logged in your own account, WordPress automatically DISREGARDS your clicks and not enter them into the Stats.



    @thenakedlistener-Not strange at all; if you frequently preview or view your site, why would you want to be included in your stats? As charmaine151 pointed out that inflates them.

    @charmaine151-The only site that your own visits should show up are on your sites that you have marked “Private”. Why they are appearing now, I do not know. Perhaps Staff are tinkering.

    For the same reasoning, it’s always been odd to me why I should have to show up as top commentor on my site, as I reply to all comments left on my site. I believe that those replies should also be taken out of the stats.


    No, I get it. The stats shouldn’t include self-views – which was what I was saying. But that’s what I was saying about charmaine151’s self-views being included in the Stats – like you said, should only be private-marked posts.


    Thanks members. Yes, it is strange. I often move about my own blog and those clicks have never been recorded before. And no posts were marked as “Private” this morning. It was very disconcerting, so I quickly signed out and logged back in a while later. Pity we can’t clear certain stats. Anyway. Agree with the top commentator stats too Jennifer. Always room for improvement WordPress! But love the site regardless.

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