Can I remove page name from the page?

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    On all of my pages, the page name displays at the the top of the respective page somewhat like a title to the text. Example…page name “Help Out”. When you navigate to this page, the first text on that page is Help Out. How can I remove this? I am not wanting to change or eliminate the page name in the menu bar, just remove the redundant text from the page itself.

    The blog I need help with is


    It would require some CSS experience and the paid CSS upgrade.


    It’s possible if you use a custom header menu, since the navigation label doesn’t have to be the original page title.


    Thanks panag, This helped a little. It helped me figure out that what the page is named on the pages menu is what gets displayed at the top of each page regardless of what I change on the custom header “menu”. So I changed the page name to the Title I want displayed on the actual page, and changed the Navigation Label to the name I want on the menu bar. I could not actually get the “title attribute” to change anything. What is it supposed to do?

    Thanks again!

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