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Can I remove the caption box for an image I insert?

  1. Hello all. I do not consider this to be a support question. I was just wondering whether I could insert images to my blog and, sometimes, have the caption box not show? I sometimes want nothing but the image. It's not a biggy. But it would be nice to have that flexibility.

    I didn't see any discussion that covered this when I did a forum search using 'caption'. And it wasn't thought of for the documentation, which tells me it probably wasn't thought of for the implementation of the feature. Which would be fine. But I do think it would be a nice option to have, provided it doesn't involve a lot of coding I guess.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. @ arrby
    You don't have to fill in the caption line when you insert a picture. If you leave it blank, then you won't have the caption box.

  3. Okay. Thanks. I could have sworn that I tried that and I still had a box. I was imagining things. Later...

  4. When I started blogging, using captions was not even a featureā€¦

  5. I started blogging, seriously, with Baywords and, while it allowed captions, they didn't look as neat as's. It's a little thing. But I greatly appreciate it.

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