Can I remove the dates on my posts?

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    Hi all,

    Im fairly new to wordpress and to blogging. Im a bit overwhelmed with it but I have to catch up. Please help me. My boss wants no dates on the titles of our blog posts. Is that possible here?

    Example: can I remove /2013/03/03/ on that?

    And also, I’m working on blog and my boss pointed me to this blog When I clicked their articles I can find no dates on their posts. I’ve checked that it’s a but is it possible here on

    And also can i modify the looks of my blog here on .com the same way with this blog

    I’m really sorry for asking but I’m a total noob. Please understand.

    Thank you so much,

    The blog I need help with is


    At, we cannot edit or change the structure of the URL permalinks. With self-hosted sites you can.

    The permalinks here are actually very SE (search engine) friendly. There are those that will argue that the date should be removed, but in my experience doing web design, it makes no measurable difference in search engine ranking.

    You can get very close to that design using a theme that has a similar structure and then styling it with CSS. To change the CSS, you have to have the Custom Design upgrade.



    Thank you so much for your answer thesacredpath. I really don’t have a background with anything on this. Im actually a nurse but quit since I don’t like it and the pay is very low here on my country. But I got lucky to land a job in writing articles and doing some blogs. I really have to please my boss as I really need this job now. Thank you so much. Hope I can see you on my future questions. Heheheh.


    You are welcome, and you know where we are if you have questions.

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