Can I remove the header on just one page?

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    I want to remove the header on my home page, yet still have the header on the other 3 pages, is this possible?

    The blog I need help with is



    Same question, however, I want to keep a header image on only my blog/home page. My chosen images appears on all add on pages. How do I remove?


    @k8goff – If you have the css upgrade, you can use css to remove your header on the home page with

    .home #header {display:none;}

    @melissa… The twenty twelve theme allows some setting of headers for certain pages. I do not know if it has the option for no header. Checkout this article to read more: It did not look like you have the css upgrade. If you choose to test a css solution, you can use a similar css by identifying each of the page Id’s where you don’t want the header and put that into the css. For example, to eliminate the header on your about page, you would use this to preview it in the css:
    .page-2-id .header-image{display:none;}

    But before you do this, check out whether you can set the presence or absence of a header through your Dashboard, Appearance, Header settings.



    Thanks very much. I’ll give it a go.



    houstonweaver: where do I post the ‘.home #header {display:none;} ‘, I have the css upgrade, but when I put that in the text section of my home page when editting, nothing happens.


    Go to your dashboard, appearance, custom design. You will see a page that offers 3 options, on the right is edit CSS. That will bring you to a box with a small description of the CSS process. Delete that text .. Or just go to the very bottom of it . And paste the code in there.

    This support document explains it more clearly ..



    thanks a lot Houstonweaver. Another thing I want to do is widen the width of my text paragraph on my ‘about’ page, and also when I make a post I dont want the date and time to appear. Any idea of how to do this?



    Flying a bit by the seat of the pants on this. Try this. Change the width number to go wider or narrower.

    .page-id-2 .post-content {
        float: right;
        width: 50.333em;
        overflow: visible;

    To get rid of the date use:

    .timestamp {display:none;}

    If you want to get rid of it AND the comment bubble, use one of these. The behaviors are very different, so it depends on what you want to do. The first hides the content but the space it occupies is still used.

    .post-info {visibility: hidden;}

    or this that removes the content, thereby releasing the space it occupied

    .post-info {display:none;}



    thanks a lot houstonweaver, you’ve been very helpful. that width command works however only when I view it in css preview mode (i am saving it).

    and just one little more question…
    on my portfolio page, (page 3) the gallery grid has 3 columns, I want 4 columns. I have changed it 4 rows in the settings yet nothing happens. is this this a css thing? how do i change it?


    That might be a good question to pose as a new topic so that some folks more knowledgeable about galleries can look into it. The documentation on Galleries discusses the settings and indicates that the number of columns available can be somewhat theme dependent. Here is the documentation on galleries :
    I can help with lightweight issues, but I think you need someone more knowledfor this.geable

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