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Can I remove the RSS Feed links that come with my theme?

  1. Getting straight to the point, is there any magic code that I can insert into my blog to make the links to my "posts feed" and "comments feed" disappear? ...Or is this one of those things that I can't alter since the links are like embedded into the theme?...

    You see, since WordPress decided to take down the Feed Stats, I have been pondering another method to track my feed statistics. After reading suggestions in other threads, I checked out FeedBurner. FeedBurner looks like a great alternative, however plugging in a link to my FeedBurner feed while also having a link to the WordPress feed embedded into the header makes things complicated. (Thus why I want to remove the feed links.)

    Side notes: I am using the theme "MistyLook." I have the CSS upgrade.

    Thanks in advance.

  2. It should be:

    #feedarea {

    Although I'm not 100% as my CSS is the best.

  3. Thanks - it worked!

  4. That's good. My CSS isn't always the best. ;)

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