Can I rename my RSS feed as it appears in Google Reader?

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    In my Google Reader, my RSS feed shows up listed with the following title: feed/

    My friend tells me that her Google Reader shows it as: “Title Unknown.”

    Is there some way to change the settings for my feed so that when it shows up on anyone’s Google Reader, it will show up as “Buttermilk Hill” instead of these wacky names?

    (I realize that individual users can rename the feed within their own readers, but instead of users having to do that, I’d like for it to show up correctly in the first place. Is that possible?)

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    The blog I need help with is



    If you don’t have the site title, your RSS feed will not display it.

    It’s best to use CSS to hide the header text instead of removing it from Settings > General page. If you rather not to pay for the upgrade, you can select another theme that has an option to “hide header text” (e.g. Structure, Black-LetterHead, Wu Wei, Enterprise, Koi, Vigilance, Coraline, P2, Under the Influence, Andrea, and Digg 3 Column)

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