Can I replace target of internal URL?

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    I link to the same pdf (or jpg etc) file and many posts link to it with same internal URL. Now I want to modify the pdf. How do I replace the content of that pdf link target without breaking the links in all my posts?
    Blog url:

    The blog I need help with is


    Sadly that cannot be done at Media and document files are stored by month/year and so it the PDF was uploaded originally in 1/12, and you update it today, it will be stored in the 6/12 directory. There is no way to put the new file into a previous month.

    Another thing is that wordpress, to make sure you do not mistakenly overwrite an existing file, will append a number to the end of a duplicate file name, even if the two files are from different months.

    What I might suggest is to create a page for the PDF link and then from the posts or other content link to that page. Then if you change the PDF, and the name of it changes, it doesn’t break things.



    I understand. too bad we cannot replace the target with an edited new copy.

    But I like your idea of a page, especially for PDF files. Probably would not work well for JPGs etc because the blog tends to accumulate a lot of them.

    I will try this. And… thanks
    Charles Armentrout



    You could put the document on Scribd – I think you can do a plain link to Scribd – you can also embed the PDF in the Post – I think you can update a Scribd document without changing the URL



    See also:

    PS – I almost always reference the Page or Post a PDF document appears on and not the document itself


    Scribd… that is another good option.



    Thanks. Embedding the PDF in a post is not the solution when 5 or 6 posts refer to the same PDF. The goal is to edit the source and update the file once without having to hunt for all those old posts that also refer to it.

    Your PS comment makes a lot of sense for PDFs, I think. Thanks again, I appreciate your help. — Charles Armentrout



    When you embed a Scribd document – the reference goes back to the original document – there is a link from your blog using “short code” that goes back to Scribd and causes the document to show up on your site – the actual document is not stored on your site – only a link to the document on Scribd (or other places i.e. a photo site)

    You be welcome & good luck



    Thanks — I was just reading the link you sent to Scribd and I think I may have been too fast to discount it. This sounds as though one can can put the PDF into Scribd and change it later using the same short link. That would be ideal.

    I will try this out. Charles

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