can i replace the background image and is the preview width the width required?

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    Hi I was trying to use a custom background for a theme, after I uploaded an image 640px wide the preview indicated it needed to be 4 times that width around 2700px for the image to reach the left and right edge of the screen.
    My problem is I don’t seem to be able to remove and replace the background image and why does it state under the “Remove Background Image” button that:

    This will remove the background image. You will not be able to restore any customization.

    How can I replace the background image and is the preview correct that I need an image 2700 px wide to fill the screen? Is it not possible to specify a body or html element background image with 100% width?

    Thanks for any help


    The blog I need help with is



    it probably depends on the theme you’re using.

    you won’t be able to restore that specific image within the dashboard, you will have to upload it again.




    I uploaded an image 640px wide

    That’s the size of the image in your Media Library. What the software did was stretch it. IMO what you ought to do is create a background image offline and upload it. I cannot comprehend why you think it needs to be 2700 px. in width.



    Hi timethief,
    Thanks for the reply.
    I did create the background image offline and uploaded it.
    What I saw in the preview was the image repeated 4 times from left to right.
    Therefore if my 640px wide image repeats 4 times then the preview width is
    640 x 4 = 2,560 px. or does it stretch to cover the whole screen? (’cause my preview didn’t).




    Not everyone has the same size/resolution screen though.

    Find how big the background image is in your CSS code. Upload an image that size.



    Sorry my misunderstanding. The preview seems to repeat 4 times regardless of width.
    My only change was to enlarged my original image which gave the same preview so I thought it wasn’t replaced, should have checked more first.
    Sorry to have wasted your time




    Not to worry. I’m happy to hear you have resolved this. Happy blogging! :)

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