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Can I reset a theme to its default styling if I've changed things and activated?

  1. themanyfaceswewear

    I'm new and was messing about with the Motion theme. I changed the background colour and saved and activated it and didn't realise that if I didn't want it anymore, it wouldn't go back to the lovely background the theme originally had. I changed to another theme, hoping it would reset itself when I went back into it but no, the colour I changed it to is stuck. How do I undo this or get it to reset to its default background styling, please?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. dashboard—>appearance—>custom background—>select color—>clear—>save changes

  3. themanyfaceswewear

    Aaagh! Thank you! Do you know, I had done all of that EXCEPT save changes and I thought I'd given myself a clear background which I also didn't want.

    Now I feel like a dill, because if I'd just taken one more step...

    Thanks again.

  4. No dill: we've all done that. Sometimes I can't find my glasses when they are on top of my head…
    Happy blogging!

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