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Can I Reset or Copy a Polldaddy Poll?

  1. Hi there -

    I want to add some more choices to my poll and repost it, with all of the votes set back to zero so that my readers can vote again.

    Can I reset the votes back to zero?
    If not, can I copy the poll to make it new (with no votes/results) so I don't have to re-enter all of the buh-zillion options I've already typed out?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi. Yes, it's possible, but on PollDaddy dashboard (which offers the full set of options), not your dashboard (which is simplified when it comes to polls).

    Go to , sign in, click on your Poll and at the bottom of the number of results for each answer, look for a tiny "Reset Results" link.

  3. ok - so i'm signed in on polldaddy's site - but my poll isn't showing up. any ideas?
    thanks for your help!

  4. Have you tried polldaddy support?

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