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Can I retreive my username?

  1. I've got two wordpress blogs. One I can access fine, the second one I've started, but I got confused between the two (they're the same subject) and now can't access the second one - I can't remember my password or username. Can you tell me them?

    The good one is and the one I can't access is . (You can understand the confusion!).
    I've been trying to incorporate the good one into my website as a page, so I started the second, and was in the process of transferring text, background images across into it (there's not much of it).


    David Rainger
    Blog url:

  2. I'm afraid is a self-hosted, powered blog and as such we can't help you out directly!

    However, you can go here: to retrieve your password, and enter the mail address you used to set it up to show your username too :)

    Hope that helps!

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