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Can I save my custom css?

  1. Just the title.

  2. No. All users of the same theme template share the same CSS.

  3. victoriacarolina

    Actually..... hmmm. Yeah, it works.... very interesting.

    Okay, you CAN overwrite the css for your blog with a "user style sheet" IF you are using Firefox AND the webdev toolbar extension. It's not permanent.... seems to last through a cookie session. In fact, I loaded a stylesheet I had around, and it's overwriting the stylesheet here too.

    So the answer is really a "qualified" yes.

  4. WebDev only overwrites the CSS of your current copy of a page in your browser on your computer. It's an awesome tool for playing with CSS, but its effects are local.


  5. Can I completely customize css & the entire look of my wordpress blog? Is there a way to do this like Typepad?

  6. With your own WordPress blog, yes.

    The ones hosted here at, not currently. Although I believe Matt and staff have mentioned this as a feature off in the future.

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