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can i SEARCH tags?

  1. can i search tags to help me find blogs with SPECIFIC interests? unstead of looking through a HUGE list.

  2. Try Technorati.

    Also, try posting only one thread per question. Multiple posts asking the same thing are annoying and counter-productive. You want your answers to be in the same place, right?

  3. Especially when made only 2 minutes apart. :(

    22:22:41 and 22:20:37

  4. Hi,
    I was wondering that as well. Apparently there isn't a search box for tag words but you can search for a tag off the list then alter the word in the address to search for what you want. Here's a page that should help:

    Can't think why they haven't thought of a search for tags box.

  5. I use the tag pages frequently and when I'm not using them I use google search. In the case of google use
    note that there is no space between the colon and

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