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Can I sell a service on a free blog?

  1. I am still in the process of figuring out exactly how I want to market my service but basically it is going to be a classified site for daters. I do charge a fee because I will be physically working to post content. I am unemployed and creating a source of income for myself. So what I have in mind right now is I will be manually setting up my users and approving posts.
    If i continue to use the free blog am I able to offer this service or do you require that I upgrade? The actual blog I am using is not indicated for confidental reasons & it is still in development and I dont choose to share the concept publicly yet and it appears like this is going to go to a "general forum" and not directly to a WP Staff member. This is a basic question so there is no need to view my site. Thank u so much for your help! Roslyn

    The blog I need help with is

  2. This wordpress doesnt have STAFF that can be emailed for assistance?

  3. They do, but the turnaround time for emails is weeks. The answer is simple: No classified ads are possible here. They are possible, and not difficult, on a WordPress.ORG blog on paid hosting.

    The minimum upgrade that allows paid advertising here costs $500 per month. A typical install will run you $10-25 per month.

  4. @raincoaster....thank u so much for your quick reply and feedback. ok so let me just clarify to make sure i am good.
    so if i want to have a classified site where people pay me I would be better to switch over to the
    So next question would be: in my reading over the support section and the forums seems to me like alot of posts about not having available tech support. do you have any feedback on that for me? do you have a .org site and have you had any issues with it? Thanks so much!

  5. Yes, I have a site and yes, I've had issues with it, and yes, you are pretty much on your own with those problems. There's a forum there, but it's very tech-heavy and slow to answer. This is why people make $50-300 per hour as WordPress gurus.

  6. wow ok...thanks so much for your honesty.... i am going to look into but with this being a new business I really dont want issues and then on top of that not be able to get help...not at this point...but i like the fact folks try to help but i also wouldnt have $50-$300 AN HOUR (lol) to give anybody. Kinda need tech support to be a part of the package on some level, even if just basic, if i am PAYING. Free it out together....I am paying....I need tech support. Smile. So thanks so much...lawd I have basically built this whole little infrastruce site on WordPress. Well thank goodness for COPY AND PASTE! I checked out your blog ( i mean hey i had to see who the awesome person was helping me) and although I havent read everything yet I did want to say condolences on your friend Spencer Cox. You enlightened me about something I didnt even know and the actual person who was a part of that fight. Sad to know he lost his life. I am sorry for his family, friends and you. But hey, alot of people will never be spoken of again once they are definately helping to continue to honor his life and cause. Everyday someone NEW will read that and he continues to effect people. Thanks much for everything! Stay positive and blessed.

  7. Thank you for your kind note. I appreciate that very much. Good luck with your business.

    I tend to give people the bad news first; what you want to do is doable on, but it's going to be a learning process for you. Take a course or buy a (current!) book on WordPress before doing it.

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