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Can I sell art on my free blog?

  1. Can I sell art on my free blog? I'm totally new to all this. So thanks for answers for dummies.....
    If yes, how do I set up my blog to do selling? If yes, are there any restrictions in this regard that I should know about as I sign/build up this, my first blog?
    If no, what can I do to quality to sell my art on my WordPress blog?
    Is there a youtube type tutorial site that will help me build my first WordPress website?
    Many thanks, folks!
    Tom in Nova Scotia

    The blog I need help with is

  2. The good news is you can sell what you personally create but our blogs cannot be equipped for Ecommerce transactions. We can use a PayPal button or contact form to sell products and/or services we create. We can set up a shopping cart elsehwre online and create a custom menu on the blog with a cusom link to the shopping cart.

  3. On the bottom of your Admin page you will find a link to the step by step Learn blogging Tutorial prepared by Staff.

    The support documentation is all found at the Support link which is also on the bottom of your Admin page.

  4. You can sell YOUR art. You can't sell anyone else's. blogs are not optimized for ecommerce, but you can use the Paypal Buy It Now button via these instructions

    To learn WordPress, go to If you want tutorials on how to make money selling things on blogs, that's the kind of advice you can expect to pay for.

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