Can I sell my blog on Flippa?

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    I recently tried to post my site for sale on Flippa, but they said they are no longer allowing the sale of sites because of verification problems and “issues regarding transfer of files.” What are my options if I want to sell it? Where can I go? Or can anyone help me understand how to work around these problems to sell on Flippa?

    The blog I need help with is



    Well, what’s stopping you from listing it on Craigslist or anywhere else?



    You are welcome to transfer your site to another user, as explained here:

    If you want to export your blog content into an .xml file that you could share with someone to host elsewhere, that is also an option. This link will explain how to do that:

    In terms of how to sell it, that’s up to you.



    In case someone has mislead you into believing you have a blog you can sell for “big money” I want to kindly share what follows because there’s a lot of misinformation circulating to that effect.

    The blog is not on it’s own domain.
    The blog is on a sub-domain.
    The blog has no authority as yet.
    The blog has a Google page rank of 1/10.
    The blog’s quantcast rank is 52,758,616
    Alexa Global Rank traffic rank of 32,240,790.

    Granted that a blog is worth what another will pay for it, but with respect it’s my opinion that if anyone told you selling it is likely to reap “big money” then they need a reality check.


    Gee, thanks for being a great cheering section, TimeThief. :) Honestly, no one said a thing about “big money,” and considering that I planned to start my bidding at $300, I wasn’t thinking about “big money.” I haven’t tried to “monetize” the site or promote it much yet because, frankly, I was doing it just because it is a hell of a lot of fun to write (and I was focused more on my book and film projects.) It did, however, cross my mind as an author, though, that it might have potential as a small gift book. So I’m planning to sell it to someone for that potential not for a high Google rank or quantcast rank, though I appreciate your feedback.

    Jackie, thanks for the helpful links. I really appreciate it. And, yes, Raincoaster, you’re right that maybe I’m just as well off going elsewhere if this option doesn’t work. Thanks.



    As someone who makes a living writing for blogs, I have to say that $300 is completely unrealistic. If you want to create a book, go to or any of the other fine print on demand companies, put in a few hours’ work formatting, and sell the book. If it takes off, great. You keep the profits, and the work is minimal.

    The going rate for personal blogs with low pagerank when sold is zero. Seriously, it’s zero.



    Hi again,

    I haven’t tried to “monetize” the site …

    There is only one advertising program called WordAds at and it’s for blogs on their own domains that have a high enough traffic flow for advertisers to choose to select to put their advertising on. Aside from a blog being accepted into WordAds no blogger initiated advertising, retailing or reselling the work or products created or services provided by anyone other than yourself is allowed on free hosted blogs.
    Main link

    Best wishes for a happy ending.



    Andrew here from Flippa – massive thanks for starting this thread.

    Flippa doesn’t sell sites that cannot be transferred to a new owner. This is evidently not the case with WordPress hosted blogs so we’re more than happy for you to list with us (apologies for not being across this earlier).

    Until we find a smarter way, our support team will do ownership verification manually. We’ve put together a quick guide on this in our support forum –

    As far as pricing is concerned, we are the world’s largest website marketplace so whatever price it sells for is likely to be fair market value. Whether or not that is $300 remains to be seen.

    So long as your site is getting traffic, buyers will see value in it (it tends to be a stronger indicator of value that pagerank). I’d expect most buyers would end up switching on a customer domain and moving to self-hosting at a later stage.

    I hope that clarifies it. Feel free to contact our support team on (email redacted) for further assistance or otherwise I’m happy to respond on this thread.

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