Can I sell on wordpress?

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    Hey I am in the midst of starting a small clothing company with my brother and was wondering if we can use wordpress as a website to show and sell our clothes? Are there any legal things we should worry about? I suppose it would just entitle showing pictures of our new material and asking people to e-mail us with orders and using paypal, etc. But im wondering if this sort of thing is allowed on wordpress =)



    Sorry to tell you but I do believe it is not permitted unless you have VIP hosting.. And to do that you need at least 500,000 page views a month to be considered..

    Here’s the link:



    Some sales are permitted. The best thing to do is email staff with all the details and ask.


    Ah thanks guys, I know the staff here are really good so asking would never hurt.

    I hear about that VIP thing and thought, “yeahhhh riight”..

    I know I could do it through, maybe I will invest in a wordpress for dummies book.

    Thanks again fam-os!


    Staff is a dynamite solution if you really want to sell products. You can even use plugins that add some significant e-commerce functionality.


    I would like to sell a photograph. If someone would pay me $10,000,000 for a picture I’ve already snapped, I would be willing to give that person all rights to the photograph. I would also give a back-rub.

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