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Can I Sell Tshirts for my blog on my blog?

  1. I would like to sell tshirts on my blog that are about my blog? What is the best way to do that? What does wordpress allow?

  2. Sure - as long as your blog is an actual blog.

    Exceptions may apply if your blog is Easy Joe's T-Shirt Emporium And Lose Weight As You Get Rich Quick Buy My Free E-Book To Learn How News. Not suggesting yours is, that's just for the benefit of others reading this thread.

  3. I'm always confused by this. I can sell them, but can't have paypal or credit card interface?

  4. I thought paypal was allowed now. Am I crazy?

  5. You cannot use the secure paypal button (it's javascript), which is what you would want to use for selling stuff. The donate button that is used here is html.

  6. I would very much like to have a "donate button" on my blog also. I love using WP, if I can't receive donations I'll have no alternative but return to Blogger; it works there.

  7. There are good instructions somewhere at wp on how to put up a paypal button. Because even I succeeded. :)

  8. yes u can.

    obviously u cant ask buyers to pay by paypal or something,either cash-on-delivery or bank transfer fits the bill

  9. riraito,
    please please don't enter your blog url in EVERY forum post you make!

    you don't want to be interpreted as a spammer, do you?

  10. He picked it up from another noob who thought it was a good idea and who has already dropped it. Hopefully the fad will die.

    You can indeed ask people to pay for things via paypal. I do it at least once a month when I give blogging courses, with staff approval. What you can't do is use the encrypted form of the Paypal button, but you can use the unencrypted form of any button there.

  11. Hi raincoaster,

    I've tried using the unencrypted PayPal donate button twice, but unfortunately it still dosen't work! Does it only work on


  12. So cafeexpress for tshirts would be just fine right?

  13. As long as it's a real blog, yes. But the quality at CafePress sucks.

    matholwch, you'll have to be more specific about the problem you're having. Put "Paypal" into the search engine and follow the instructions in the threads you find there. If that doesn't work, give us details about what the failure looks like, and at what point in the process the failure occurs. The Paypal button works here.

  14. Any that you have seen with good quality printing rainy? If their cut is going to be so big, I want excellent quality.

  15. Well, I know a local silkscreener. Look around your hometown, you might find something a lot better. Check hipster boutiques; they'll know the local printers with good quality. I find if you can walk over to somebody's shop and get in their face and they know that, you're likelier to get good quality. I've heard only bad things about CafePress quality.

  16. I can get already get excellent quality myself through silkscreening locally. What I wanted was all the rest, the online payment, the shipping, the handling, the refunds the sizes. I don't want to have boxes of everything made up in all designs and sizes and then also have to wrangle the payment and shipping. I would rather have an on demand company do it. I have a dozen designs people are often hassling me for. I should have defined my question better. I was really trying to find if anyone has had a quality on demand experience.

  17. Hi raincoaster,

    Thanks for replying. Believe it or not, I've just placed the "donate button" on my blog and it's working perfectly! I'm so pleased!

    Thanks anyway.

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