Can I set up my blog without a posting page?

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    Setting up shop in Motif. I have a blog page that works fine, I but I really don’t like the formatting, I prefer the generic page formatting. Can I simply not have a blog page? If not, can I work a go-around by simply not listing my blog page in my menus?

    The blog I need help with is



    One, I can’t view your blog, as it’s not public. Two, I’m not sure what you mean by “blog page.” If you mean the default setting that displays a string of blog posts as the landing page (as opposed to a menu item such as bio or about) then there is a work around; make your landing page static.

    To do so go Dashboard –> Appearance –> Customize.

    A menu on the right side of your screen should appear in blue. Click on Front. The menu will expand to the left in black and show two options. Click on Static Page and then select from one of the list boxes.

    If you don’t already know what your landing page will be, this link might help:


    Sorry about the private thing, I have so many people waiting for me to publish it that I really don’t want to make it public until it’s all set up :)

    I think you’ve answered a part of my question. I had already made the front page static, but just below the setting for that is another setting that says “posting page”. If I leave that on “Select”, will that mean that there is no posting page, or will it make some kind of a default page?



    I believe the Posts page setting will make whatever menu item you select the page that displays posts. I have never used that setting and I just tried it on one of my sites. It basically replaced the content for that page and displayed a page of my most recent posts.

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