Can I share a single username with my group to encourage membership?

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    I’ve started a new blog for my group, and we want to have most of the content be private/password protected. I tried inviting folks to become members, but so far no one has come. I believe it’s a case of password-creation fatigue. Still, I would like to get folks to move over from the yahoo group we currently use. Is it possible/acceptable for me to create a generic username and password to get folks to come check out our blog? OR would it be better for me to just make my blog public, and create passwords for most of the content that would be private?
    The latter idea seems more attractive, because apparently then I could create an rss feed where at least the non-password items would be subscribable, yes? Would I be able to make other pages password protected, or just posts?

    As always, I appreciate all the help and suggestions.



    Just my opinion, but I think that sharing a username/password is a very bad idea. Anyone with the combo can make changes to the blog at any time.

    I think your other idea to make the blog public and password protect the private parts is much better.

    Both posts and pages can be password protected.



    Thanks for your response, katm, it spurred me to look for and find this page:
    It says contributor status can only change their own posts, and can’t publish. Also, I believe I read yesterday, you can even disallow a member to post. That would work great because I actually want folks to create their own username accounts, and basically have read-only privileges under a generic password to rope them in. But I don’t want to do it if it’s considered uncool at wordpress. My workplace already uses this type of shared password for some applications, so it’s not an utterly sinister idea, I presume.

    Also, I’m not sure what the password-protected experience is like on a blog. It’s not going to be to appreciated if you have to keep entering a password to see every page or post. Most of the content will be private. Any thoughts appreciated as I ponder what to do.

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